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Surrounding area 

Mehla is situated in the „Thüringer Vogtland“ in Thuringia. It is a village with around 340 inhabitants and since 2006 it belongs to the city of Zeulenroda-Triebes.
Mehla is well connected to the traffic net.
Even if the thuringian Vogtland is situated in central Germany, it is still a secret hint for tourists.
The big areas of forest in the neighbourhood invite you to hike and collect mushrooms or berries. There are also around 1300 km of great (bicycle-) trails in the whole county of Greiz.
An small and clean comunal playground for beachball, soccer and boule are just 100m away from our cottage.

Bathing and swimming

Not far from our village are two nice outdoor pools (Naturbad Triebes/ Natural pool in Triebes, Waldbad Hohenleuben / Forest pool in Hohenleuben, both 2km)  that are also reachable by walking along forest- and meadowtrails.

The visit of the Waikiki (6km) is not only recommendable on cold days, because it is one of the most beautiful leisuretime pools in Germany. There you can find nice pools, great waterslides, spa and a huge Sauna landscape in Hawaiian ambiente.


There are fantastic possibilities for anglers to catch fish in our region.

The dams in Hohenleuben or Zeulenroda are well-provided with pikes, pike-perches and carps. Beginners can also start by angling on roaches (rutilus) or carp breams.
Even if the Thuringians like to angle their fish by themselves, the regional anglingclubs sell day-tickets for fishing in the lakes.



Our region has been a Cultural Landscape for centuries.

Mehla is nearly 550 years old and in 2009 the two cities Greiz and Triebes celebrate their 800 anniversary of their first official mention.
Weida celebrates its already 800 years existing town privilege in 2009.

If you like to go on holidays in our region, here are some cultural highlights that are really worth visiting:



What is there?


Museum Reichenfels,
historical ruin
2km (Walk) 3km (Car) Website Next to the Museum and the old ruin there is a restaurant
Museums of the Mansion and Residential City Greiz 10 km  Website Great open workshop!
Osterburg Weida (ancient castle) 14 km  Website Eat as the knights did!
Schloß Burgk (Castle) 33 km Infos Interesting castle.
City Zeulenroda 6 km City museum,
Dreieinigkeitskirche (Church),
Bibliothek (Library)
Tourist office and many shopping possibilities
Church Hohenleuben 3km Link Monumental altar piece


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